How to Write a Formal Email for Job Application

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How to Write a Formal Email for Job Application

If you are searching for a job and sitting idle at home and waiting for a call interview, why not you send a formal email to the company? The formal email will increase your chances of getting a job. So, paste the formal email with your job application, it works as same the cover letter with resume. It’s a digital way to send the cover letter but obviously, the format of it is different from normal emails. Let’s have a look at How to Write a Formal Email for Job Application and check its features as well.

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How to Write a Formal Email for Job Application

1. First step:

Start with greeting, ad job title and give your introductory details. The most important thing is you must know the name of the recipient so you can talk directly to him.

2. Difference between email and resume:

After the first step, you don’t need to paste all your resume’s detail in the email, your name and post name is enough as the introduction. The recipient will recognize you by any mean. As a reminder, just add a few skills and give the reference of your experience only.

3. Be clear and emphasize:

Remember, it’s an email but not an application letter or resume, so focus on your first and last paragraph of the email. Make is emphasized and very clear about your goals skills. In the very last paragraph, convince the recipient that you are the most promising candidate for the company that must hire for the betterment of the organization.

4. Keep it short and sweet:

Add the relevant data or details only because no one is as much free and taking any interest in long or lengthy emails. You must stick to the point and complete the email efficiently.

5. The format is important:

Don’t forget to select a good format. The paragraphs should be short and have space between them. The font size is also as big that can read easily. If you don’t understand about the format, you can download the sample format for formal job email.



It is not a tough job to answer the question that how to write a formal email for job application because it just needs to understand about the difference between email and resume and the format that use in it. You can take the assistance of any professional as well.