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How to Decline a Job Offer

It does not essay to get a job on your term and conditions. Only a few people are lucky enough to have it on accurate time. Many jobs require a different level of expertise and some only require qualifications. In short, if you get a job easily be thankful but if you don’t get a job on time, don’t panic and be calm. Sometimes, fortunately, two best options come at the same time but you become confused about how to decline a job offer and what to pick? Today, we are going to discuss it with you, let’s have a look.

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How to decline a job offer:

It is very important to decline the job if you have another option but the question is how to decline a job offer? Let check the ways to decline:

1. Decline politely:

When you enter into the professional field, you must follow the protocol and manners. You can’t say anything rudely without any reason or directly. You should be thankful for the job offer and decline it politely by saying, “I would love to accept your offer but I have some concerns (whatever you have an issue regarding salary or environmental issue, etc) that is why I can’t pursue. Thank you once again”.

2. Decline on call:

If you get a good job and want to left further option, it is good to make a call especially to say No to the job in a good way. If you can manage to go personally, what else is good but if you can’t manage then make a call and professionally talk to them.

3. Decline with valid reason:

You must have a solid reason to say NO to any job because it is not easy to get a job. Whatever the way you are going to choose to say NO to the job, do it with a valid reason. The valid reasons like you have an environmental issue, salary is not good, the place is far from your home or the other facilities are not up to your requirement.

When you go professionally, you have to follow the rules of professionalism. In any case, if you left the present job, you will be able to ask for this job that you decline this time.



It is very important to build a good repute in the job market. If you become jobless, your good repute will help get the new one.