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Reasons Why a Person Will Leave His Job

Though joblessness is the biggest problem our world is facing these days still there are many issues due to which people leave their jobs or switch to new ones. Moreover, the biggest question that people face during job interview is “why did you leave your last job”. To answer it, here I have mentioned a few reasons why a person will leave his job.

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Reasons Why a Person Will Leave His Job

Environment Issues:

The place where you work should be like family. Everyone is attached and important to company in its own way. However, sometimes, some employees ruin the overall environment of company and make it hard to work here. Such as:

· Politics:

Grouping and politics between the employees makes working in company hard for those who are just concerned with their work and don’t take part in anything dirty. Mostly, people try to group against them and make conspiracies so that they join their verdict or leave the job.

· Nepotism:

Sometimes, people on higher seats or designations wrongly back their relatives, friends, or sycophants. They always praise them and promote them even they don’t work, nobody asks them. This thing makes it hard for others to survive in a company.

· Leg Pulling:

When someone asks you “why did you leave your last job” during a job interview, you can answer it by leg pulling. Leg pulling is where favorites of the employer talk wrong about others just for nasty politics. This is another reason that can make survival for a job difficult.

Salary Issues:

You can also answer “why did you leave your last job” by attaching it to salary issues. Salary is the only thing that a person does work for. When salary issues start to occur people prefer switching the jobs or leaving them. Here are some types of salary issues

· Not enough salary:

You can say that your salary was not enough to meet your expenses and that’s why instead of living hand or mouth, you preferred to leave the job.

· No facilities and amenities:

You can also that you required to apply in a company that offers facilities to its employees in terms of bonuses so that they work better.

· Late Salaries:

All with this, late salary payment can be also be used as the answer of “why did you leave your last job”.

All with this, you can say that you left your last job just to get a better opportunity to work.