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Tips on How to Reject a Job Offer

How to reject a job offer is the toughest question we come across during our careers. Remember, your interest and comfort is the biggest thing that matters when it comes to doing a job. However, sometimes, we don’t want to do a work in certain companies or certain designation but we also don’t want to hurt the sentiments of our employers that they have trusted on us. Nevertheless, your interest comes first. Therefore, you must know how to reject a job offer. Here are some tips helping you to reject or decline a job offer:

Tips on How to Reject a Job Offer:

1) Ask Yourself, Do You Really Want To Do It?

Your decision matters but you should be sure about it that you really want to decline or reject the offer your boss has just made. For this cause, you must not refuse to a job offer right away but take time from the employer to make a decision. Don’t give your employer a gesture that shows any sort of rudeness. Politely ask for time.

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2) Make a List of Reasons That Are Keeping You from Accepting the Job Offer:

It is time to enlist all the reasons due to which you are rejecting a job offer. The reasons could be from personal to professional. However, these should be genuine and doesn’t look that you are trying to bring your boss on some point. Such as, sometimes, employees try such tactics to get an increment or to fulfill any of their demand. Don’t show this gesture as it can lessen your value in the eyes of employer.

3) Inform Your Boss As Soon As You Make The Decision:

Once you have decided to decline the job offer, don’t waste time in informing your boss is the second tip regarding how to reject a job offer. Ask your employer for their time and tell them regarding the reasons that are keeping you from accepting the job offer. Instead of making it look like you are telling your decision, give it a gesture of discussion and tell all the reasons in terms of concerns.

By doing so, your employer will surely understand your personal or professional concerns regarding the work and involvement in the job because it shows that you think about the company sincerely. Therefore, he or she will never consider it rude even if you are rejecting his or her decision.