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Things that Motivate a Person to Do a Good Job

This is one of the question asked during an interview that what are the things that motivate a person to do a good job. Most of the employers don’t understand that how they can get good work from their employees or they don’t know what motivates you to do a good job.

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Well, there could be lots of factors and elements that can be the answer of, “what motivates you to do a good job”, but some of them are as follows:

Things that motivate a person to do a good job

1. Significant Contributions

Involve your employees into significant tasks. Every person wants to contribute to something that really means to you or the company. When you keep your employees to the tasks that have not much impact on the company or business, then he/she will not be motivated to do their job well, and it can effects your company a lot because no work in an organization is useless, but still you must have to involve your employees in the tasks that have a direct impact on the company and they realize that they are doing something meaningful.

2. Goal Ailments

Set some goal ailments for your employee. If you think about yourself, so you will realize that there could be some kind of goal on the basis of which you stated to do the business. This could be the thing what motivates you to do a good job. Similarly, when you will set some goals for your employees too, then they will start to work and try to achieve those goals. For this purpose, you should announce incentives, or any trip for a certain achievement and declares that whoever reaches to that particular point, then he/she will get the reward. In this way, your employee will work hard and do their job better to achieve that goal.

3. Offer them Recognition

When a person does his/her job continuously but still only a few people in the company know him/her, then he/she will be disappointed and will not work better because everyone wants to be praised and recognized for his/her achievements. So, whoever in your company do better work, praise him/her and let the other people know about that person and his/her achievements. In this way, he/she will not only start working harder, but also the other people will start working because they will get the motivation to reach the point where that person is right now and get the achievements.

So, above has described some of the things are the clear answer of, “what motivates you to do a good job”. Consider all of them and make your employees motivated to do their job better. Hopefully these points will help you to understand what are the things that Motivate a Person to Do a Good Job