Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai and Sharjah is looking for experienced doctors, specialists, nurses, lab technicians, and professionals. If you live in the UAE, you can apply for Al Zahra Hospital Careers Dubai and Al Zahra Hospital Sharjah Vacancies. We provide training, mentoring, and employment opportunities for new doctors and nurses to enter the public health sector.

To find out your level of talent and interest in the healthcare business, apply to Al Zahra Hospital Careers. We give you a chance to advance quickly in this organization and offer the opportunity for people with experience to gain new skills.

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What positions are available at Al Zahra Hospital?

Al Zahra Hospital is seeking qualified candidates for various positions at the hospital, including physician and nursing jobs. You can view the openings within your organization. Skills, qualifications, and experience are critical factors in determining who is hired. The following positions are available.

  • Home Health Assistant
  • Physician
  • Nurses
  • Assistant Nurses
  • Radiologist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Therapy Assistant

Why do you think you would like to work at Al Zahra Hospital?

People who work at Al Zahra Hospital in Dubai covet the job for many reasons:

Excellent prospects for advancement: Al Zahra Hospital Dubai offers many opportunities for doctors and staff to advance professionally.


Core values are followed: At Al Zahra Hospital Dubai, Respect, Excellence, Safe Delivery of Care, and Understanding Responsibilities are all part of its commitment to patient safety.


Work-life harmony: At AL Zahra Hospital Dubai, the need for staff is high because of its commitment to work-life balance. Employees can make schedule adjustments if someone else will cover their shifts.


Result-oriented: The company is results-driven and competitive, focusing on the well-being of its patients.

If you are looking for jobs in Dubai, Al Zahra Hospital Dubai jobs may be an excellent place to start if you’re willing to learn.


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Why do you think you would like to work at Al Zahra Hospital?

Some of the most coveted jobs in Dubai are those at Al Zahra Hospital. One reason for this may be that:

Excellent opportunities for professional development: The hospital offers excellent chances for professional development for both doctors and staff members interested in working at Al Zahra Hospital Dubai.

adheres to core values: Respect, Excellence, Safe Delivery, Understanding Responsibilities, Learning Environment, and Teamwork are the six core values that Al Zahra Hospital Dubai upholds. They are keen to provide RESULTs.

How Do You Apply For Al Zahra Hospital Jobs in Dubai?

Al Zahra Hospital Dubai is looking to fill many medical positions and welcomes applications from qualified professionals. Make a soft copy of your CV and all other documents, prepare the job cover letter with a subject line containing the name of the position you are applying for, and upload all these documents.


Al Zahra Hospital Dubai Careers

Job TitleCity
Registered Nurse – Emergency Dubai
Registered Nurse/EMT – Emergency Dubai
Registered Nurse – Pediatric Ward Dubai
Registered Nurse – OBGYN Ward Dubai
IP Medical Coder – RCM Dubai
Human Resource Assistant Dubai
Receptionist cum Cashier (Russian/Arabic Speaker) Dubai
Quality Officer – QPS Dubai
Call Center Agent (Russian/Arabic Speaker) Dubai
Medical Auditor – RCM Dubai
Mechanical Supervisor – Facility Dubai
Senior Electrical Technician – Facility Dubai
Assistant Cook Dubai


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