On board the aircraft, passengers receive their in-flight meals from the inflight catering service. Catering companies prepare these meals, which are then delivered to passengers by trolley. Typically, meals are made at a catering facility on-site or at the airport and then delivered to the aircraft during the brief window of time it is at the gate. Meat or fish, a salad or vegetable, a small bread roll, and a dessert are frequently included in airline meals. For travelers on tight diets, caterers typically prepare alternate meals. Typically, these must be ordered in advance, sometimes even at the time of ticket purchase.

You may be also interested in Emirates flight Catering jobs if you have a special desire to work in the flight catering teams or if you want to begin your flight catering career with Emirates. You can surely apply for a variety of positions with your Dubai Emirates airline catering career.


Types of Emirates Flight Catering Jobs in Dubai

There are various jobs in the catering sector in Dubai, that you can select from because there are many procedures involved in serving delicious meals on a flight. However The list of available catering positions with Emirates Airlines is as follows:

  • General staff
  • Cleaning manager
  • Sous Chef
  • chef
  • Finance Specialist
  • Food and beverages supervisor
  • Pricing analyst
  • Executive


Responsibilities of Emirates Flight Catering Employees in Dubai

  • Assess and distribute the workload for airplane catering
  • See to it that catering requests are distributed to the various areas.
  • Oversees the supply provisioning for the aircraft.
  • Also you have to Communicate with several Departments
  • Keep an eye on the loading bay pre-set and pre-flight checks and the equipment packing tray layup.
  • Check and keep an eye on presentation, quality, and number
  • Ensure that the washroom runs efficiently and that hygienic standards are upheld.
  • Work with airline representatives to coordinate
  • Ensure that vehicle servicing, pest control, and washing are done.
  • Send section head daily shift reports.
  • Any additional responsibilities assigned by the officer – Inflight Catering


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Skills of Emirates Flight Catering Employees in Dubai

If you want to work in catering for Emirates Flight Dubai, you should develop the following skills:

  • Strength and endurance.
  • Preparation of Food and Drink.
  • Food Handling & Presentation.
  • Positive Attitude and Behavior.
  • Observation and Initiative capability.
  • Healthful eating and personal hygiene.
  • Also Product Buying and Inventory Control.


Emirates Flight Catering Jobs (newly updated)

Job TitleCityApply Link
Engineering Manager - UAE National Talent PoolDubaiApply Now
Sr. Manager - Cyber Security - Emirati Talent PoolDubaiApply Now
Chief Financial OfficerDubaiApply Now
HR Manager - Regulatory & Compliance TrainingDubaiApply Now
BuyerDubaiApply Now
Sr. Assistant - Compliance (Procurement)DubaiApply Now

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