KFC is an American chain of fried chicken-only fast food restaurants with its corporate headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. In 1930, the owner of this business began selling fried chicken in his hometown of Kentucky, launching one of the largest fast-food chains. Currently, the KFC restaurant chain is global. It is now present in more than 150 countries and is the second-best fast-food restaurant brand globally. Serving clients and making meals are two crucial crew member tasks at KFC.

Greeting customers, receiving orders, and finishing customer transactions at the cash register are all parts of providing excellent customer service at KFC in Dubai. Performing food preparation includes assembling orders and preparing menu items. We’ll talk about the requirements for KFC jobs in Dubai. Additionally, you can learn about any new KFC employment opportunities in Dubai.



Exactly what does a KFC employee do?

Having a job at KFC in Dubai requires a certain set of talents. A team member at KFC offers assistance and ensures that their teammates cooperate successfully. These individuals are the team’s negotiators and are adaptable, diplomatic, and observant. As a Team Member, you are responsible for greeting visitors to KFC, responding to their inquiries, and assisting them in placing an order for delicious food.


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KFC Jobs in Dubai: Common Responsibilities

  • Performing simple food preparation duties like chopping up chicken and cooking it in oil.
  • Taking orders from clients and giving them precise details regarding menu items.
  • Handling cash registers and taking customer payments.
  • Preparing ingredients and keeping track of food supplies in the kitchen.
  • Calling customers to take their orders for food and offering them customer service.
  • Maintaining a spotless workplace includes keeping shelves stocked with paper products, napkins, plates, and other utensils.
  • Cleaning the restaurant and its surroundings, including wiping the floors and sweeping the aisles
  • Taking part in training exercises to enhance service abilities and product and brand knowledge


Skills and Competencies You Need to Do a Job at KFC in Dubai

  • Customer-oriented.
  • Rapid learner.
  • Helpful and cordial.
  • Efficient multi-tasker.
  • Operating a point-of-sale system.
  • Legal driving license.
  • Devoted team member.
  • Good with math and numbers.
  • Available for late-night shifts.
  • Quick and effective service provider.


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How much does KFC in Dubai pay?

The typical KFC wage per month ranges from about AED 2 500 for a call center representative to R 9 536 for a general manager. KFC pays its employees an average of AED 400 per week for cooks and AED 700 per week for packers. The 204 data points used to calculate salaries were directly obtained from employers, users, and historical and present job postings on Indeed over the previous 36 months. Please be aware that all pay ranges are estimates based on Indeed submissions from third parties. Users of Indeed are merely provided with these numbers for general comparison purposes. For an accurate compensation estimate, you should speak with the company, as minimum wages may vary by jurisdiction.

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